Horizon Tek

Providing a leading platform in 3D printing sample storage agencies around the world. HorizonTek is fundamentally the interaction of
+ Customers
+ Printing agencies
+ Broad and diverse 3D libraries.

Multiple OS

Horizon Tek can run on iOS and Android.

Strong development

This ecosystem is rapidly growing and exploding.


Born in 2019, HorizonTek was founded by Prof. Nguyen Xuan Hung and triggered by a project entitled “3D printing based on deep learning” funded by VinGroup Innovative Foundation. Derived from 3D prototypes for research purposes at CIRTech institute, HorizonTek is now developed to be a digital library with thousands of samples contributed by experts and users from various areas. For practical, we welcome all one-of-a-kind creative ideas and unique designs that make it possible for users to experience a more realistic and innovative 3D printing world.


Thousands of samples

+ Regularly updated;
+ Open source;
+ Easy to contribute.


Selecting, ordering and tracking processes are surprisingly fast via an intuitive app.

Diverse fields

Printing samples are in many different areas.

Easy payment

+ VNPay;
+ Momo;
+ ZaloPay;
+ AirPay;
+ SamsungPay;
+ and more.


AI-aid printing agencies provide astonishing quality.

Fast delivery

Connecting with the best quality logistics companies and inheriting their perfection:
+ Giao Hang Nhanh;
+ Viettel Post;
+ Giao Hang Tiet Kiem;
+ and more.